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The Ultimate Guide to Online Reputation Management

This book gives back power and control to anyone seeking to influence their online reputation in the search engines. Now you can permanently suppress and eliminate negative items appearing on the first or second page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Enjoy a step-by-step strategy guide to establishing a Bulletproof Digital reputation, with advanced approaches to search engine optimization explained in simple terms. Learn the precise mechanics of SEO (search engine optimization) ranking factors for all types of web properties and online media, including everything how to create, optimize, publish, promote, and monitor progress.

Includes a thorough overview of SERP’s (search engine results pages), how SEO works, on-page vs off-page SEO, tactics for reputation asset development, website optimization, profile creation, content marketing, linking strategies, press release distribution, content and link building automation, sourcing links from other websites, proven lists of sites to quickly acquire links from, social media marketing, brand visibility, social authority, reputation marketing, and so much more.

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More About Tyler Collins

seo-tylerTyler Collins of Bulletproof Digital based in Huntington Beach, Ca. where the team of 37 help business owners and professionals maximize internet visibility and revenue through search engine optimization, paid traffic generation, sales conversion and website systemization strategies. Analyzing, planning & executing ROI driven marketing programs for small, medium, and large websites to establish and maintain a successful marketing presence in large industries.

Collins manages multiple cross-functional teams of professionals (i.e. Web Developers, Media, Creative, etc.) for developing, launching, and managing online marketing initiatives for SEO, PPC, traffic analytics, content development, and media buying. This role requires a strong knowledge of online marketing and advertising platforms, web technologies, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, web analytics, landing page optimization, project management, web development and design process and delivery, content management systems, and best practices. This includes corporate level employee development, performance management, and employee relations, while managing multiple projects of varying complexity in a fast paced creative environment.

Bulletproof Digital offers turn-key, white-labeled, search engine optimization & proprietary website optimization guidelines and training for SEO companies. His firm delivers silent back-end SEO processes for dozens of front facing SEO firms.

Relentlessly studies search engine trends, website compliance algorithms and quality standards, while consistently testing, tracking, and measuring cutting-edge organic ranking tactics by synthesizing research and knowledge into freshly engineered, dynamic, future-proof SEO models. Former host of quarterly SEO Seminars for marketing professionals, small businesses, and students seeking to learn more about digital media and search.

Recently launched a proprietary Online Reputation Management system designed to cleanse organic search results and remove prominently placed negative content about businesses, executives, athletes, celebrities, and any searched name.

Tyler served on the Board of Directors at Surfline for 4 years, a media company utilized by Surfers from around the world to receive up to date surf forecasts, high quality surf content, live surf cams and more. Founded by Sean Collins father and mentor to Tyler, Surfline is a source of inspiration to many of Tyler’s business intentions. Working at Surfline Tyler works with a group of professionals who remain to be among the best in Internet technology innovation.


Outside of the professional sector Tyler is a successful motivational speaker for adolescents, business professionals and organizations. He speaks at schools, seminars, businesses, and various groups and associations to share positive information. Tyler focuses on the attitudes and strategies for living powerfully, peacefully, and positively in life. In part of being a motivational speaker he is a life coach for adolescents and young adults, working directly with individuals to help them overcome personal difficulties and accomplish goals focused around positive living and dream building.

As part of his philanthropic endeavors he donates to various charitable organizations that support children, cancer research, and the oceanic/environmental causes. Organizations such as the Ocean Institute, an institute that strives to teach children about being responsible towards the environment, specifically around protecting the Ocean (humanity’s most important resource).

Avid surfer, passionate environmentalist, author, and speaker, Tyler enjoys traveling to different countries and fully engulfing himself in other cultures around the world.

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